Top Billionaires in Malaysia. Nation’s Richest and Their Residences

Malaysia is home to some ultra wealthy billionaires, with Quek Leng Chan having the highest net worth of $10.1 billion. These billionaires have made their fortunes through a variety of industries, such as banking, property, telecoms, media, oil-services, manufacturing, aluminum, palm oil, and real estate.

How many billionaires are in Malaysia?

Malaysia is home to 11 billionaires. Kuala Lumpur has the most with 6, followed by Petaling Jaya with 1, Selangor with 1, and Tawau, Sabah with 1.

Top 5 Billionaires in Malaysia 2023

Who has the highest net worth in Malaysia?

1. Quek Leng Chan

Quek Leng Chan was born in 1941 and is a male non-self-made billionaire. In 2023, his net worth was estimated to be around $10.1 billion, ranking him 179th wealthiest person in the world. His source of wealth is banking and property, and his business interests are diversified.

2. Ananda Krishnan

Ananda Krishnan is a male self-made billionaire born in 1938. According to the 2023 rankings, he is the 511th wealthiest person in the world with a net worth of 5.2 billion dollars. His business interests span across telecoms, media, and oil-services industries. His wealth is primarily sourced from telecoms.

3. Koon Poh Keong

Koon Poh Keong, born in 1961, is a self-made male billionaire with a net worth of $4 billion in 2023, ranked at 699 worldwide. His wealth is sourced from Manufacturing and Aluminum. He has business interests in the Manufacturing industry.

4. Lee Yeow Chor

Lee Yeow Chor, born in 1967, is a male non-self-made billionaire with a net worth of $2.8 billion in 2023, ranking 1067th in the world. His wealth comes from the Palm oil and property industries, with his main source of wealth being Real Estate.

5. Lim Kok Thay

Lim Kok Thay, born in 1951, is a male billionaire. He is not a self-made billionaire. According to the data from 2023, his final net worth is estimated to be 2.3 billion US dollars, ranking him 1312th in terms of wealth worldwide. His source of wealth is Casinos and his business interests span across Gambling & Casinos and other industries.


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Top Billionaires in Malaysia


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